About this project

This project exists exclusively to raise funds to deliver to UNICEF.

It became possible through a direct crowdfunding that allowed the production of 500 CD´s, and for that the money used came from the first 60 CD´s.. The vallue of the remaining 440 CD´s (€4.400) will be delivered to  UNICEF to be used where the organization deems necessary.

All music by C.N.Gil, having also Sérgio Faria as co-composer of "Este Papel" and Luís Jorge co-composer of "revolução". All lyrics by C.N.Gil.

This CD is not for sale and can be obtained by showing a proof of a donation to UNICEF of a vallue equal or greater than €10 or by sending the vallue that will be acumulated and periodically sent to UNICEF. To this vallue are added mailing fees.

Requests can be made to: filhosdodesespero@gmail.com

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